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Lake Weir Florida

Visit Florida presents Local Drivers and Florida Speedways.

  Visiting The Villages? Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties have a great deal to offer.
Tourist love Discover Marion County's TDC Marion visit opportunities.  Get the real scoop on a quality Florida visit?
Tourist will benefit from healthy Lakes and Springs in Florida.  Amendment 1 is targeting land purchases to help save Florida Water Resources. 

Many outlets from our aquifers known as Springs, are now likely going to benefit from the Amendment 1 spending program, this will benefit the aquifer feeding our springs, Truly many of our springs are now protected but will be better if all goes well. Florida is focusing Millions of Dollars on ground water, springs and drinking water. As we require more freshwater to grow our crops and maintain our lifestyles, the necessity of conservation efforts becomes more apparent every day.  The old practice of sending 100% of Spring Flow to the Atlantic ocean or Gulf of Mexico is seen as part of the problem reducing Beneficial Recharge of the Aquifer.  The health of the aquifer and Florida’s many springs is directly related to our actions.  Protecting springs and the Floridan aquifer for the future of natural habitats, drinking water supplies and the benefit of the next generation of Floridians is critically important according to Florida Environmental Officials.  Environmentalist flock to Florida to be part of this new Amendment 1 effort.  Environmental Tourism.

According to Florida DEP Officials, "Florida’s springs are some of the most fascinating geological features on the planet. Flowing from the deep Floridan aquifer, their cool, clear waters have provided habitat to humans and wildlife for thousands of years, and have drawn visitors from around the world. We are fortunate to live in a state where we can access these unique, natural resources through numerous State Parks, private concessions and public lands."  It is important that we do not send our best water to the ocean only to recover and de-salt ocean water to send back to the population centers of the state.  

According to Environmental Experts, "As we require more freshwater to grow our crops and maintain our lifestyles, the necessity of conservation efforts becomes more apparent every day. The health of the aquifer and Florida’s many springs is directly related to our actions, as individuals, as communities. Protecting springs and the Floridan aquifer for the future of natural habitats, drinking water supplies and the benefit of the next generation of Floridians is critically important".  Now with Amendment 1 the citizens have given the go ahead to save our aquifer.  Buying up outlet land is not the answer, buying up lands to stop the input of storm-water rapid drains and SED drain from utilities is at the top of the list for reform.  The Citizens have spoken!  Environmental Tourist can bring their interest and take home reform to the planet that they found in Florida.

The health of the the People of Florida the aquifer and Florida’s many springs is the goal of Amendment 1.  Come to Florida and be a part of Future Environmental Reform.

Native American PowWow, outside The Villages and Chambers Farm Marion County.  

What's Up Ocala makes a stop at a classic success in Ocala Florida Genesis.  
We have many perfect dinning situations for your enjoyment.  Check out Genesis!  Editor's pick. Don Browning


 Belleview Florida is the Feature Location in the Lakes District 
Central Florida Tourism promotion.
Browning's List Editor Don Browning makes a trip to the Fred Bear Archery facility in Gainesville Florida.
When you are traveling down I 75 in Central Florida, Watch for the Alachua land mark Fred Bear Archery Factory.  Visit the ProShop and take a look around.  We did and were treated to a unique Sporting Experience. 

Mayor Christine Dobkowski kicks off Economic Action Plan in Belleview Florida.  

Florida Historic Coast Wins  2011 Viva La Florida First Historic Adventure Award "A+ must visit".  
 Florida kicks off the historic
Viva Florida 500 Celebration.

 What's Up Ocala?                
Best Florida Visit is privately funded by VCB Marion and TDC Marion No Tax Dollars, All Private promotion.   Hugo Cruz rising Gainesville Artist, is spotlighted by Best Florida Bank Art Selection Award.  Sponsored by What's Up Marion CountyAuto Neat, and Ocala Best.
 A Florida Lakes District Destination
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All About Art is a Must Visit destination.  Leaping Lizards Pottery by Jennifer Beville is pottery lesson central. 

Emerald Coast      Get a little Sand in your Soul

 Destin   Ft. Walton Beach   Okaloosa Island

Stop and Visit the Emerald Coast on your way to Central Florida.  

You will be glad you did, we always are! 

Also as you discover Florida, Remember the Springs District


Have you been to St Augustine Florida?  Check out Viva La Florida 500 year celebration St Johns County Tourism Center Info Center.

Visit St Augustine when you have a chance; you will be glad you did.  Take time for a stroll around the old city and visiting the old Spanish Fort is a must see destination of Best Florida Visit.
Remember when traveling, do your part to be an Ambassador for Florida.  Help the world Discover Florida and enjoy world class adventure. Visit Florida is here to help.
Interested in Native American Culture?  When traveling north visit the Blackfeet indians in Browning Montana along the Lewis and Clark historic route. 
Silver Springs is a must see water source in Central Floirda, Visit Ocala Best and Discover Marion County for great adventure and don't forget your camera




This month Hot Tip: Wildlife Photographer Showcase. Nature's Images,  J. Michael Wllhelm.

Visit and get to know J Michael, you will be glad you did.

Ocala's, Primary Oven voted Best 2011 by Discover Marion County

Visit The Nest on Lake Weir.  Marion County is a prime recreational destination for America. 
Sit Back and enjoy a small sample of the art you will find at

All About Art of Belleview.

But first, view the Icons of Marion County to get in the mood!


Florida Tourism takes on a new vitality with Viva La Florida and good ol' Local Central Florida Fun.

Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs provide recreation and the finest SilverOcala Spring Mineral Water in the world by the billions of gallons 

George Albright lll brings back Autos of Yesteryear, and a few new hotrods like Don Browning's 200 mile per hour Corvette Z06. 

Kelly's Primary Oven is the target for tourist from around the world.  Visit Kelly and tell her Don sent you!




Visit Florida Fun Games

Dr. Ford and the Crew at Ihmc will help you link to Space Florida and NASA from Marion County.

Centered in Ocala, the Heart of Florida geographically, these folks will help you find out What's Up in Ocala.  Check out Space Art from an Earth perspective.

Pitts S1S pilot Don Browning has almost as much time inverted in an aircraft as any shuttle pilot to fly the shuttle.  Come to Central Florida to link into tomorrow! 

Governor Rick Scott's Florida Tourism and Economic Action Efforts are taking shape.  A billion gallon advantage may save Florida's Economic Future. Yes, a Billion Gallons per day of the Ocala Pure Artisian Mineral water is worth $4 Billion Dollars if each bottled drink is valued at $1.00.  If vallued at 1¢ per bottle the water is worth $4 million dollars each day.  at 1% of the flow the value is $400,000 daily.  It seems that Silver and Rainbow Springs may regain their tourist glory while helping Florida  Carry the tax burden.  Florida Water Czar was created by Team Conservation to add a Water Czar to the fight to value Florida water that spills into the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

What's Up Ocalabreakes the story.  Can bottled water play an important in Florida's economic recovery?  Water Czar Don Browning has been making more than waves in his bid to be a solid member of the Economic Action Team.  Ocala Marion County Commissioners have been looking for a way to protect Silver Springs while economically helping tax payers benefit by reduced taxes.  More

Florida Artist Don Browning's promotion of Florida Best Tourist Opportunities.  When in Florida consider the many adventures in Central Florida.  Comfortable Adventure Opportunities to enjoy the good life.

Spring Fling Solutions: Year around fun gets better as seasons change.

Juliette Falls Golf, Real Estate, Romeo's Restaurant, Event InformationPlay and Stay

Winter Perfect Weather when all the north is struggling, visit Marion County.  Photography is perfect for wildlife.  Rookeries are active wtih new chicks hatching from November to April.

Spring brings the burst of natural beauty Florida is known for, and the best fishing of the year.  Rivers and Lakes allow travel in Natures Wonderland.

Summer is perfect for long days and perfect weather.  Rain is a joy to behold as cumulus clouds build and refresh the land.  With modern air conditioning boating and water sports provide enjoyment outdoors and inside the parties are just getting started.

Fall is Football, sports and out door activities begin again.  Bass fishing takes off, cycling, horseback riding, beaches, motor cycles, auto racing and hunting all are prime activities.  Eco Tourist destinations begin a new endless cycle.  Bring your Camera!

Space Florida / NASA Sets Stage for Final Space Launch of Shuttle Mission STS - 134   Achieving Space Florida Vision 2020 will bring 10 vital markets together in Space Technology Opportunities. EDC Florida directs visitors world wide to opportunities in Space TravelLaunch SystemsAgricultureAdventure TourismClean EnergyAdvanced Materials Technology and Life Sciences.

TDC Marion Brings Year Around Opportunity.  Bring your camera and join in the fun.  Marion TDC.

Florida Visit gains traction Artist join the effort to treat Visitors to an unforgettable repeatable experience.  Governor Rick Scott welcomes the world to Florida.  Tourism Counts in Florida,  I guarantee it!  Don Browning Florida Artist and member of the Florida Arts Council.  Learn more...

Governor Rick Scott is the "Real Deal", Agencies that have expanded over the past 10 years must now stop their regulatory ways.  Who needs big government except maybe the employees.
Community Action Groups historically funded by DEP are now asked to fund themselves.  Big Government usually starts with a great sounding name like "Springs Protection".
Next comes regulation in the form of Rules and Grants to expand regulation at the County and City level.  Finally, regulators become too big and bloated in their quest to take over the lives of the people.  
Springs Protection has become a magnet for anti growth spokesmen with fat state contracts to "Educate the Public".  
The people are joining forces with Governor Scott and the Legislature to regain control of Florida's Economy.  
Tourist, get ready for a positive repeatable experience when you come to Florida.
We are reopening Florida to Tourism, Technology and Business.  
Come find your place in the sun! 

Click for Governor's agenda to Economic Recovery
Governor Rick Scott presents a blue print for success.

Ted Yoho kicks off his Campaign for District 6 US Congress to the cheers of a packed house!  
Voters come out in droves to support Ted Yoho!
Florida is political friendly
Join in the fun as Americans work together to save our country.   

 New Auto Sales Success by Vehltor EBay Sales, in Marion County joins the Economic Action Team Hall of Fame.

Florida Auto Direct Official Sponsor of Florida Economic Development Council AutoNeat.Com Division.


Marion County EDC to take on the failing EDC Ocala and high unemployment.  Taking no tax money, EDC Marion County challenges EDC Ocala to give back 6 figure salaries.  Setting a $5,000 per month salary limit for the Ocala EDC, the new council declared more that $5,000 per month as wasteful when an estimated 1 in 5 Ocala workers are unemployed.  Marion County EDC Executive Director Don Browning pleged a full year of $ 0.00  salary.  All funding will go directly to fight unemployment.  60 new Bottled Water Jobs will focus world attention on the 1,000,000,000,000 gallons of pure Spring Water we send to the ocean daily from Marion County.  One day 10 % of the wasted springs output will go to fund numerous programs in Marion County.  "We currently are wasting our greatest asset",  stated Water Czar Bob Burton.

First on the agenda for the Economic Action Team is the new World Class recognition of Marion County bottled mineral water.  Rated among the worlds best Mineral Waters, Marion County Bottling efforts are underway. 


Mary Verrandeaux to open new Gallery 9 in Marion County Florida.

Grand Opening is a must ticket.  More information 

Leaping Lizards Pottery of Ocala is selected Best Florida Visit Pottery Artist of the year. 
Jenkins Auto Group of Ocala named Florida Auto Destination of the year in Best Florida Visit 2011 Selection.
VFW Ft McCoy holds  HorseFest, 2011 

Missouri Quarter Horse


World HorseFest VFW Retirement Home, Ft McCoy Florida

2nd Annual Department of FL VFW Retirement Home’s  Veterans Horse Festival

Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 11am – 2pm

Location:  13005 NE 135th Street, Fort McCoy, FL  32134. 

For information call 352-236-0823

Check out Marion Sun Times  for details and photos from last year’s event and what is coming in 2011. 

The event is FREE and Open to the Public!!  Food and beverages available.

Just in:
 Marion County Commission considers dropping the Ocala name!  Marion County residents tire of funding Ocala promotion.
Commissioners declare that they represent more than just Ocala! 
Marion County Board of County Commissioners kick off their own EDC that will represents Marion County.  
Ocala/Marion County Board of County Commissioners drops Ocala name.  For years Ocala takes the name of most Marion County efforts, such as the Marion County Tourism Council became the Ocala/Marion County Tourism Council.  Actually, it became the Ocala organization dropping Marion County.  The Old EDC became the Ocala EDC as Marion County residents were just there to pay the bills.
Residents kick off Marion County Chamber of Commerce to gain Marion County representation.
Ocala Chamber of Commerce to represent Ocala.  

Marion Cultural AllianceGallery East, and Browning Art welcome you to Discover Marion County, a visit you won't soon forget.

Learn about the Rest of Orlando.  What's Happening!  Browning's List Award winner!  Ocala BestMarion County Florida Chamber of Commerce Pick.

Heart of Florida.  Visit the Heart of Florida for opportunities.  Job, Adventure, Boating, Birding, just about what ever suits you.  Both coast are close by to the Heart of Florida.

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Marion County Florida is the Destination leader again selected by Browning's List. Lakes, Rivers, Springs, Birding, Horse Country Capital of the World. Come Visit, Camp, Boat, or just relax in the sun.

Your Marion County Adventure is looking up!  Near both coast, the space coast launches are normal for Marion County Residents.
Space Florida and NASA are supported and most Marion County Residents have great family and community connections. 

Tomorrows Astronauts is headquartered in Marion County. Space Florida Board Director Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp spends a great deal of time improving the quality of life for Florida's Children, Tomorrow's Astronauts.

Marion County, Best Florida Visit by Browning's List

IHMC, Best Florida Visit Technological Link

Discover Ocala Best Florida Visit Hotels

Marion County Bio Horse Power Energy Grid Solution

Marion County Economic Action Team


Marion County Florida is the Horse Capital of the World. World Famous Silver and Rainbow Springs, World Class Bio Adventure.

World Class Birding, Eco Adventures.

Birding Art, State of Florida Heritage Collection

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